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Brittany is one of the most beautiful places in France to visit, and with some of Brittany's best attractions all within easy access you really will be spoilt for choice.

Whatever the time of year, you can enjoy breath-taking landscapes which change every season, beautiful unspoilt countryside, spectacular coastlines, pretty seaside resorts and enchanted forests and medieval fortified castles. 


From early morning sunrise to the most beautiful sunsets and clear starry skies Brittany will captivate you ! 

The region has an astounding rich heritage for you to explore, and you cannot visit without joining in with a Fest-Noz (night fete), an evening celebration based around Breton music and dance - most villages regularly host these informal get-togethers, frequently outdoors.


Fest Noz are not to be confused with Pardons, these are essentially church processions organised by a particular commune on the local saints day. You will see posters in local villages and towns publises the events. 


Brittany has miles of sandy beaches, well preserved beauty spots, golf courses, ancient chateaux, numerous festivals, world famous wine, superb restaurants and much more. You simply can't fit it all into just one visit, you'll want to return year after year.

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